Timing Clock

Timing Clock

In free mode, this is simply a visual timing clock or pacer as you might see on the wall of your local swimming pool. A quick glance allows you to time gaps between intervals. Premium mode unlocks a range of other features, including choosing a display value from around 30 metrics and setting all colours.

Purchase options

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Free features

  • Four arms sweep the clock allowing you to time intervals at a glance

Premium features

All the free features, plus display settings, your choice of about thirty metrics and the ability to display current minute/second indicators.


  • Swim timer / time in lap
  • Elapsed time M:S
  • Elapsed time H:M
  • Elapsed time H:M:S
  • Power (watts)
  • Average power (watts)
  • Max power (watts)
  • Current cadence
  • Average cadence
  • Max cadence
  • Current heart rate
  • Average heart rate
  • Max heart rate
  • Elapsed distance (Km)
  • Current speed (KPH)
  • Average speed (KPH)
  • Max speed (KPH)
  • Pace (min/100m)
  • Pace (min/km)
  • Pace (min/5km)
  • Elapsed distance (Miles)
  • Current speed (MPH)
  • Average speed (MPH)
  • Max speed (MPH)
  • Pace (min/100yd)
  • Pace (min/mile)
  • Pace (min/5mile)
  • Altitude (m)
  • Ascent (m)
  • Descent (m)
  • Calories
  • Calories per minute


(Does not apply to monochrome devices eg: Edge 130.)

Choose a colour for each of the display settings or set "Use default" to use the coded colour.

Settings overwrite the chosen theme so you can have colours even in "monochrome" themes.

And finally

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